Long Island STEM Hub and Workforce Development Institute Hosted Workforce 2025: Middle Skills

Long Island STEM Hub and Workforce Development Institute Hosted Workforce 2025: Middle Skills

The Long Island STEM Hub and Workforce Development Institute came together to host Workforce 2025: Middle Skills on December 8, 2017 at SUNY Farmingdale’s Campus Center. This conference, composed of a series of informative STEM talks and strategy sessions, created meaningful discussions surrounding the 2025 Workforce.

“We believe what comes out of these conferences really makes a difference. It is important for us to think about how the labor workforce is changing,” said Ken White, co-steward of the Long Island STEM Hub. “By bringing together these forward thinking individuals, we get a better understanding of where industry and business is going and how we can best prepare for the 2025 workforce.”

Regional leaders discussed best practices in preparing, recruiting and training diverse populations in the core regional sectors. The hour and a half long strategy sessions gave this diverse group of people the opportunity to bring their insights to the table.

Discussions included everything from how best to prepare and communicate for the 2025 middle skill jobs to developing actionable strategies. Notes from the strategy sessions were shared and collected. Ideas from this conference will eventually be presented nationally.

STEM talks included:

  • The Face of Long Island: Long Island Populations/Demographics
    • Erin King Sweeney, Principal, King Sweeney Strategies
  • Diversity & Inclusion: Neurodiveristy & Cultural Inclusion
    • Mary Comerford-Hewitt, VP Human Capital, Northwell Health
  • A New Way of Working: The Agile Workforce & Gig Economy
    • Jen Curry, Director, Samaschool
  • Workforce & Education: Partnerships for Successful and Collaborative Strategies
    • Jill Lansing, Assistant Vice Chancellor & Director for Education Pipeline Initiatives, The State University of New York
  • NYS Labor Market & Long Island Middle Skills Landscape influencers including: Elevated educational requirements, Silver Tsunami, Global competition
    • Melinda Mack, Executive Director, NY Association of Training & Employment Professionals (NYATEP)
    • Rosalie Drago, Long Island Regional Director, Workforce Development Institute (WDI)

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