Develop an integrated, effective, and cohesive regional system that will increase the number of students interested in and prepared for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers on Long Island.  Through partnerships between industry, academia and informal education providers, we will promote workforce readiness and academic relevance that supports the economic growth and vitality of the region.


  1. Encourage industry and academic leaders across Long Island to commit to long term engagement with one another in ways that use their strengths to complement and achieve a common set of goals focused on improving STEM education and workforce readiness.
  2. Create and support partnerships which include business, educators, higher education, government and non-profits that will build and sustain interest in STEM education, and resonates with regional industry needs.
  3. Facilitate the creation of vehicles for learning that help students develop long-term career goals and provide relevance for academic coursework to motivate them to persist in STEM career preparation.
  4. Support initiatives that will improve the content, knowledge, and skills required to become more effective in STEM education.
  5. Measure the impact of LI STEM Hub initiatives to assess effectiveness, drive change, and document success.
  6. Communicate the initiatives, successes, progress and participation of the LI STEM Hub.
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