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The Long Island STEM Hub is a consortium of Long Island leaders who believe that we can do great things working together. We are a group that recognizes that when a workforce possesses strong science, technology, engineering and mathematics based skills it will drive our economy, retain our businesses, and draw more businesses to our region as they seek the talent that resides in our region. We invite others to join us as we generate a rising tide that will raise all ships. We seek to ensure opportunity and access for all of our diverse communities in this endeavor.

Long Island STEM Hub Co-Stewards

The Long Island STEM Hub leadership includes two co-stewards representing industry partners that are reliant on and committed to the development of a highly competent STEM workforce.

Cheryl Davidson, Sr. Director, Workforce Readiness, Northwell Health
E-mail: [email protected]

Ken White,  Manager, Office of Educational Programs, Brookhaven National Laboratory
E-mail: [email protected]

  • Nassau County – Cradle of Aviation Museum

Regional Industry Council Leaders

The Long Island STEM Hub initiative deliberately targets STEM-based industry sectors that are a staple of the Long Island community, or are emerging strengths for our region. The STEM Hub maintains a direction that is consistent with priorities of the Long Island Regional Economic Development Council. A number of representatives from these industry sectors have taken on the role as Regional Industry Council leaders to ensure engagement from their professional communities.

  • Healthcare 
    • Lori Spina, Catholic Health Services
    • Cheryl Davidson, Northwell Health
  • Energy & Environment
    • Dorian Dale, Suffolk County
    • Scott Bronson, Brookhaven National Laboratory
  • Aerospace
    • Andrew Parton, Cradle of Aviation Museum
    • Michael Stromer, JetBlue Airways
  • Information Technology
    • Judy Murrah, ConnectToTech/Applied DNA
    • Michael Nizich, ConnectToTech/Impact
  • Manufacturing
    • Rita DiStefano, Portnoy, Messinger and Pearl
    • Gary Barello, Biodex Medical Systems
  • Engineering & Architecture 
    • John Cameron, Cameron Engineering and Associates, LLP
    • Nada Anid, New York Institute of Technology
  • Life Sciences 
    • John T. Tanacredi, Ph.D., Molloy University/CERCOM
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