Empowering Long Island’s Future: Cradle of Aviation Museum and MacArthur Airport Partner to Inspire Aviation Education

aviation education

May 25, 2023, marked an exciting day for aviation education and career opportunities on Long Island. The Cradle of Aviation Museum, Long Island MacArthur Airport (ISP), and the Town of Islip joined forces to establish a unique partnership aimed at promoting aviation education and inspiring students to consider careers in the field.

The partnership was officially announced, and its launch was celebrated by educators and JROTC students from Brentwood High School, who joined performers participating in the Bethpage Air Show at Jones Beach. This collaborative initiative opens doors for educators and students from the East End of Long Island, providing them with opportunities to explore and experience various aspects of aviation through educational programs, events, and activities sponsored by the Cradle of Aviation Museum and MacArthur Airport.

President of the Cradle of Aviation Museum, Andy Parton, expressed his excitement about the partnership, emphasizing that it will enable the museum to bring exciting educational programs to schools in Suffolk County. Students will not only have the chance to learn about aviation but will also be offered tours of the airport to gain exposure to potential aviation careers.

Town of Islip Supervisor Angie Carpenter highlighted the importance of reaching out to young adults and showcasing the range of career opportunities available in aviation, which encompasses disciplines such as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. She emphasized that aviation offers a full spectrum of careers and stated that the partnership launch was the perfect occasion to ignite excitement among students.

Shelley LaRose-Arken, Commissioner of Aviation and Transportation for Long Island MacArthur Airport, discussed the prevalent shortage of airline crew members, including pilots, maintenance mechanics, and flight attendants. She expressed hopes of changing this narrative through the partnership with the Cradle of Aviation Museum. LaRose-Arken also highlighted the numerous career opportunities available at airports, ranging from law enforcement and security functions to airport operations and management, air traffic control, aircraft charter, and military roles.

The announcement was made in conjunction with the upcoming Bethpage Air Show, which attracts approximately 400,000 spectators annually. This year, Brentwood High School students were given the opportunity to join the audience, thanks to the collaboration between MacArthur Airport, the Town of Islip, and the Cradle of Aviation Museum.

This partnership between the Cradle of Aviation Museum, Long Island MacArthur Airport, and the Town of Islip marks an important step in promoting aviation education and raising awareness about the diverse career opportunities in the field. By inspiring and engaging students, this collaboration aims to cultivate a new generation of aviation professionals on Long Island.

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