Full STEM Ahead Long Island Nominated for Two Emmys

Full STEM Ahead Long Island Nominated for Two Emmys

The Long Island STEM Hub’s career video series, Full STEM Ahead Long Island, has been nominated for two Emmys! The series was created to showcase STEM career opportunities for Long Island students. 

The first nominated episode is Branching Out with Bio. In this episode of Full STEM Ahead Long Island, learn about how Long Island is a world leader in biology. Scientists and students here are making discoveries to improve how we treat diseases, make new biofuel from plants, and more! Discover available career paths like the study of DNA replication, structural biology, RNA interference, pharmacology, and more. Get an insider view of the National Synchrotron Light Source II and its role in drug therapy research. Hear from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and Brookhaven National Laboratory as they showcase various job opportunities within the biology field. Be sure to watch it now:

The second nominated episode is Secure Your Future with Cybersecurity. In this episode of Full STEM Ahead Long Island, we’re analyzing careers in cybersecurity. Our lives are networked in so many ways. Computing and cybersecurity are important for us and businesses too. Virtually every company needs problem solvers in these fields. New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) is home to the Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovation Center (ETIC). Get an insider look at what happens here to help students and companies prepare for the cyber challenges of today and tomorrow. Hear from Long Island companies Cybersafe Solutions and Atlas Cybersecurity, and discover how to secure your future in the field of computing and cybersecurity. Check it out here:

 In 2019, the episode Crushin’ It with Composites was nominated for a NY Emmy as well.

“Every day innovative Long Islanders are solving challenges, accelerating growth industries, advancing world-class research, and helping make the island a better place to live,” said Ken White, Long Island STEM Hub Co-steward and Brookhaven National Laboratory’s Manager of Educational Programs. “This video series is for local students, parents, and educators—offering inspiration and paths to pursue rewarding careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math in growth industries here on Long Island!”

In recognition of this and the overall importance of keeping talent on Long Island, the Long Island STEM Hub produced this series of career videos and curriculum illustrating the variety of STEM occupations available on Long Island. Check out the full series here.

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