Five Reasons Why You (Or Your Child) Should Check Out Connect to Tech

Five Reasons Why You (Or Your Child) Should Check Out Connect to Tech

With ConnectToTech’s STEMSearch you can find a STEM education program, request a speaker, industry tour, or volunteer, and submit a Long Island STEM program to our database. Need a few more reasons to check out ConnectToTech? Here are five:

  1. ConnectToTech is volunteer based – The volunteers include: Business professionals, high school, middle school, and university educators, and supports from other community organizations.
  2. Their volunteers have engaged with over 9,000 students to connect the academic school day to real-world technology experience – They do this through workplace tours and job shadowing, technology trade shows, and more!
  3. They’ve got a great mission that aligns with the LI STEM Hub – “To inspire and support students to connect to technology education and career opportunities through corporate, community and academic partnerships.”
  4. People come out learning something new – Don’t believe us? Check out their testimonials:
  5. They’ve got a great search engine – Search for anything from chemistry to neurobiology. They’ve got all of STEM covered.

What are you waiting for? Try ConnectToTech’s STEMSearch today! Contact us at the LI STEM Hub if you have any questions or need assistance!

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