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Full STEM Ahead Long Island – Engineering Marvels

In this episode, we’re getting a behind-the-scenes look at engineering marvels from Cameron Engineering. Watch as we follow their team to the Massapequa Park Preserve. Civil engineers design, plan, and oversee numerous projects. Check out how civil, mechanical, and environmental engineers work together to help keep water clean for Long Island residents.

Full STEM Ahead Long Island – Career Conversations

Did you know that the Lunar Module was built on Long Island? Or, that locally Long Island is home to 14 Nobel Prize winners? Long Island is an amazing place of science and technology accomplishments. Prior to COVID-19, the Long Island STEM Hub hosted an event at the Cradle of Aviation called, Career Conversations. This event gathered together industry leaders in STEM to share their thoughts about the next chapter of innovation and discovery. The best part? They invited students and their families to join them in the conversation and get inspired about real-life STEM-related job opportunities and career paths right here on Long Island. Want to learn more? Watch as we explore STEM careers!

Full STEM Ahead Long Island – Women Who Rock STEM

As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the women’s right to vote, it’s clear women have overcome obstacles. Join us as we take a look at how STEM shaped the lives of two leading female professionals who not only overcame challenges, but went to the clouds and even beyond into space!
Listen to Vaughn College President, Sharon DeVivo, and NASA Shuttle Astronaut, Nicole Stott, inspire students (and especially young women) to spark creativity, follow their interests, and celebrate achievements when selecting a future career. Tune in as we discover Long Island career paths for women in STEM and visit for additional resources!

Full STEM Ahead Long Island – Get Your Gears Turning

In this episode of Full STEM Ahead Long Island, we’re going to get our gears turning with mechanical engineering. Did you know Long Island is home to one of only two Ion Colliders in the world?! And Brookhaven National Laboratories holds several Nobel Prizes?! That takes some smarts! Check out how the Ion Collider works by following along with a mechanical and electrical engineer. Hear about career opportunities and their education pathways from Stony Brook University and Suffolk Community College. Ready to speed through the in’s and out’s? Watch as we explore Long Island career paths in mechanical engineering!

Full STEM Ahead Long Island – Secure Your Future With Cybersecurity

In the sixth episode of Full STEM Ahead Long Island, we’re analyzing careers in cybersecurity. Our lives are networked in so many ways. Computing and cybersecurity are important for us and businesses too. Virtually every company needs problem solvers in these fields. New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) is home to the Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovation Center (ETIC). Get an insider look at what happens here to help students and companies prepare for the cyber challenges of today and tomorrow. Hear from Long Island companies Cybersafe Solutions and Atlas Cybersecurity, and discover how to secure your future in the field of computing and cybersecurity.

Full STEM Ahead Long Island – Amped Up On Energy

In the fifth episode of Full STEM Ahead Long Island, we take a look at energy. Long Island is home to almost 3 million people, that’s more than 17 different states in the nation! It takes innovative technology and lots of bright people to provide the energy that keeps Long Island running. Hear about career opportunities from PSEG Long Island. Discover the ins and outs of solar energy and get a behind-the-scenes look at Brookhaven Lab’s Northeast Solar Energy Research Center (NSERC). Check out this episode as we explore Long Island career paths in the field of energy!

Full STEM Ahead Long Island – Medicine & Me

In this fourth video of STEM Ahead Long Island, learn about careers in healthcare from New York State’s largest employer – Northwell Health and Catholic Health Services. Healthcare is like a little city, they have everything! Learn from students at the Northwell Spark! Challenge about a variety of opportunities from food service workers, to doctors and nurses, cybersecurity specialists to protect your data, and the growing field of telehealth medicine, careers are out there for everyone.

Full STEM Ahead Long Island – Branching Out With Bio

In this third episode of Full STEM Ahead Long Island, learn about how Long Island is a world-leader in biology. Scientists and students here are making discoveries to improve how we treat diseases, make new biofuel from plants, and more! Discover available career paths like the study of DNA replication, structural biology, RNA interference, pharmacology, and more. Get an insider view of the National Synchrotron Light Source II and its role in drug therapy research. Hear from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and Brookhaven National Laboratory as they showcase various job opportunities within the biology field.

Full STEM Ahead Long Island – Ready, Set, Jet!

In this second episode of Full STEM Ahead Long Island, learn about available careers in the aerospace and aviation industries! From flight operators and TSA agents to cybersecurity specialists, scientists, engineers, pilots, and of course astronauts. Hear from leading airline, JetBlue, as they showcase various job opportunities at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.

FULL STEM AHEAD Long Island – Crushin’ it with Composites

In this first episode of Full STEM Ahead Long Island, learn about composites and what STEM career paths are available in this industry! Discover how composites are used in the military and for fun, in what way, and how Long Island companies are leading the way and making contributions to this growing industry. Hear from GSE Composites, Inc. located in Hauppauge and Nature Shapes in Sayville. Long Island is crushin’ it with composites!

Long Island STEM HUB “Full STEM Ahead Long Island” Sneak Peek

The Long Island STEM Hub, an organization consisting of industry, academic, and not-for-profit volunteers working to advance science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education effectiveness on Long Island, has created a new series of career videos titled, ³Full STEM Ahead
Long Island,² and correlating curriculum.

Every day innovative Long Islanders are solving challenges, accelerating growth industries, advancing world-class research, and helping make the island a better place to live. This video series is for local students, parents, and educators‹offering inspiration and paths to pursue rewarding careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in growth industries here on Long Island!

A new video will be released each month highlighting varying STEM industries. The first episode, ³Crushin¹ it with Composites,² was already nominated for a New York Emmy Award!


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