Long Island STEM Hub – Regional Meeting Recap

long island stem hub regional meeting

On February 10, 2022 the Long Island STEM Hub held a regional meeting. During the session, there were great presentations about the strides our local education sector and business sectors are working toward in bringing meaningful STEM experiences to our students. To complement our recording and chat here, a consolidated review of the session is as follows:

  • Jill Lansing spoke about the growing work to DEI happening across the state aimed at keeping students who may be hindered economically engaged and involved in the STEM disciplines.
  • David Pollicino highlighted the work of WVI Dolphin Foundation. Dolphin seeks to work with underserved youth in the Metro NY area on mentoring, hands-on programming, and networking. With high-level speakers from professional NFL players to CEO’s the foundation is inspiring young people every day. Dave urges the members of STEM Hub to investigate the Foundation and consider future collaborations with the STEM Hub.
  • Rosalie Drago from SC Dept. of Labor commended the efforts of both previous speakers and discussed the importance of “UPSKILL” programs for high school students. She cited some examples specifically where local businesses were offering apprentice-style experiences that have helped to pay students to learn a needed trade for their future just like a part-time job. Rosalie also mentioned the growing interest in renewables as the East End Off-Shore Wind Project is breaking ground.
  • Rebecca Grella of Brentwood HS spoke about the vitality of industry partnerships – two she specifically works toward with Hitachi and GPI. Both have been integral in helping get the equipment necessary for students to complete full-scale science research projects that would not have been sustainable without support. It has enabled her students to participate in prestigious competitions and collegiate pathways including the Regeneron Competition.
  • STEM Hub is working on a Career Conversations event at Freeport HS for late spring and will be seeking industry collaborators in the coming weeks; there’s a call to host monthly workshops beginning in fall led by the RIC’s to introduce interested families and students to the career industry-specific presentations on weekends; assistance with the website will coincide with this initiative whereas industries and RIC’s will be given a month to fulfill some web content to help populate and keep the website current.

For additional information or if you have any questions about the Long Island STEM Hub regional meeting, please reach out to us.

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