Healthcare Career Awareness Programs

healthcare career awareness programs

Northwell Health’s Center for Workforce Readiness is offering FREE healthcare career awareness programs for teachers to strengthen their students’ career aspirations.

Questions about the healthcare career awareness program offerings? Register for the info session on Monday, November 22, 2021, at 4 p.m. EST.

The following programs are being offered:

Career Development Certificate

This “certificate program offers a unique opportunity to learn more about healthcare careers and strengthen career-building skills. Included are a series of virtual sessions that will focus on high-growth jobs, panel discussions with professionals in the field, tips for a successful job search from our talent acquisition team, and an overview of Northwell Health’s mission and culture.”

Firearm Safety Champion Program

“Northwell Health is leading the charge on critical public health issues, including gun violence awareness. This new program allows students to be trained on how to speak to their peers about firearm safety. Students and advisors will go through virtual training and are encouraged to share their knowledge with other students in their school community. They will have the opportunity to earn prizes while educating peers on this important topic. Register by Dec 10, 2021.”

Medical Marvels

The “Medical Marvels competition aims to inspire 9th and 10th-grade students interest in the field of research. Teams of 3-6 students are tasked with researching and answering a hypothetical challenge, this year our topic is human trafficking. Students will create a scientific poster as well as a video presentation in response to the scenario provided, which will be shared on the virtual conference day on March 4, 2022. Register by Dec 10, 2021.”

Spark! Challenge

“Students participate in a virtual career day on January 14, connecting with various healthcare professionals, and engaging in interactive activities. After this virtual field trip, students are tasked with creating a poster and/or video to spotlight the career they are most interested in. Register by Dec 10, 2021.”

Nursing Exploration Program (NEP)

“Current high school juniors are encouraged to apply to explore their interest in becoming a nurse.”

For more information about Northwell Health, one of the Long Island STEM Hub’s co-stewards, or the healthcare career awareness programs, please reach out to Cheryl Davidson.

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