Career Conversations with the Freeport School District

career conversations

On Thursday, April 28th, the Long Island STEM Hub held a Career Conversations event in partnership with Freeport School District.

This opportunity was developed and presented in a way to encourage student interest in STEM, encourage parent and child conversations about their future engagement in their career pathway, and provide a better understanding of opportunities in the region.

Through a series of six “TED talks,” students heard from several varying industries and career leaders. Presenters included: JetBlue Airways, EmPower Solar, Northwell Health, East/West Industries, Nerds that Care, and Cameron Engineering. Through enthusiasm and pride in their work, students had many questions about what it takes to achieve success in business whether attending higher education institutions or jumping right into the field.

Participants left inspired by the Career Conversations event and by what the future can hold right here on Long Island.

If you are interested in joining opportunities such as this in the future, please contact the STEM Hub for information on how to be involved. To discover more available STEM related career paths, be sure to check out the Full STEM Ahead Long Island video series exploring careers in engineering, composites, manufacturing, cybersecurity, energy, healthcare, biology, aerospace, and aviation.

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